Marraige Allowance - civil partnership

Marriage Allowance – Claim your £252 Tax Free Cash

Both married couples and civil partners may be able to take advantage of a transferrable tax allowance – commonly referred to as the “Marriage Allowance”. 

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The marriage allowance claim may save you up to £252 for the 2021/22 tax year. 

This is tax free cash which an estimated over 2 million couples don’t claim. Better still, you can claim back for the previous 4 tax years. As a result the total tax rebate can be as high as £1,219.

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What is The Marriage Allowance?

Nearly all taxpayers in the UK have tax-free personal allowance. This allowance allows individuals to earn £12,570
(2021/22 rate) tax-free before they pay any income tax. 

The marriage allowance allows certain individuals who are married or in a civil partnership to elect to transfer some of their personal allowance to their spouse or civil partner.

Typically anyone with earnings below the personal allowance threshold will waste some of their tax-free amount each year. For the current year, if an individual earns £10,000 they will be wasting £2,570 of their tax-free allowance. 

How much of the personal allowance can be transferred? 

What is available, is that 10% of the personal allowance can be transferred to your spouse or civil partner. In the tax year 2021/22, the personal allowances £12,570 and therefore the transferable marriage allowance is £1,257. This transfer to your partner will reduce the income tax liability by £252 in the current year. Please check out the Marriage Allowance calculator by clicking here.

Can I claim for previous years as well?

The marriage allowance reclaim can be backdated to a maximum of 4 years. 

2021/22 tax year – £252 claim

2020/21 tax year – £250 claim

2019/20 tax year – £250 claim

2018/19 tax year – £238 claim

2017/18 tax year – £230 claim 

By making a claim in the current year and also applying for backdating the total tax reclaim will be £1,220. 

Who can claim the marriage allowance? 

To be able to claim the marriage allowance the following conditions must be met :

  • Must be married or in a civil partnership. 
  • One individual must earn under the personal allowance threshold (£12,570 in 2021/22).
  • The other partner must be a basic rate taxpayer.  Earning between £12,570 and £50,270 (2021/22)
  • Both individuals must be born on or after 6th of April 1935. 

How to claim the marriage allowance?

The easiest way to claim the marriage allowance is to apply online. 
The person transferring their allowance needs to make the claim. The reason for this is that there must be transferable allowance available in order to make the claim.  You will need to have details of your National Insurance number, date of birth and possibly some form of identification may be requested.

The claim can be made over the phone 0300 200 3300.

Claims relating to the current tax year will normally see an adjustment in the tax coding notices for both partners. Claim related to backdated tax years will be paid typically in the form of a cheque. You do not need to reapply in future tax years.

If you are eligible, Make your claim now.

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